Selling Your Home

Home for Sale Wood Ridge NJSelling your home is big undertaking. It involves more than just sticking a “For Sale” sign on the front lawn. It is critical that in a competive market multiple methods and efforts are used to make sure that your home is marketing correctly and sold quickly. When ready to sell your home, make it your duty to work with a professional who will work with you through the steps to get your home prepared for sale and sold. Here at Park Avenue Realty, our team of professionals has over 40 years combined with a knowledge base that is great. That is the Park Avenue Realty Advantage.

Park Avenue Realty Marketing Strategy Advantage

  • We will post your property on the leading multiple listing service
  • Client’s listing are able to be found Internationally on, and
  • A visible sign will be placed on your property
  • We will create an active marketing campaign for your property including advertising, networking and additional web exposure.
  • We make sure that only qualified clients tour your property
  • We remain in constant contact with our clients
  • We handle the lease and other paperwork necessary

Our home is our biggest investment and when it is time to sell, you deserve the best value you can get. If you’d like to get in touch with one of our professionals regarding the sale or current market value of your home, contact us today.