Park Avenue Sells First Mobile Home

This month Park Avenue Realty will set a new president; we will be completing the first sale of a mobile home. This sale has been a very interesting process as it does not conform to normal home selling procedures. There is no contract, traditional financing, home inspection and closing. The sale is based on a letter of intent to purchase and then proceeds to sell like an automobile. The seller signs the title over to the new owner and then the new owner goes to Division of Motor Vehicles to register the home in their name and pay the necessary fees.

The agent who accepted this listing was Stephen Kriso and it came in as a regular phone call. The owner had been calling around looking for an agency to take the listing since she was alone and preferred not to have to take the risk of doing a “For Sale by Owner.” “It has been a very interesting experience.”, said Kriso.

Park Avenue Realty Launches Updated Website

Park Avenue Realty LogoPark Avenue Realty, Inc. has just recently launched an updated and improved website. The goal of the new site is to inform and educate the potential client. Our improved blog bring more news of what is currently happening in the office to the public with news and highlights of recent listings. In the future, there will be a calendar of events such as seminars that will be offered through the office to buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords, and other real estate related topics.

The second major addition was the introduction of the Commercial division of the agency. Although the office, has been conducting Commercial Real Estate, it has not been in the forefront. Now the website brings to the home page a direct link to the Commercial page that describes what services are offered.

Lucille Calabrese Achieves NJ Circle of Excellence

Lucille Calabrese REALTORLucille Calabrese has been hired as the Manager of Park Avenue Realty Inc., her 20 years of experience has truly made her one of the Top Producers of Bergen County.  Lucille”s Family has resided in this area  for generations and let me tell you, her knowledge and history of the area is amazing.  Lucille has her Broker’s License and has been the President of the Meadowland Board of Realtors.  Lucille’s business is primarily referral and her clients actually become her family. We are very honored to have Lucille as the Manager of Park Avenue Realty.

Denise Burdick, Broker/Owner


Welcome to Park Avenue Realty

Thank you for visiting our website,  all of us at Park Avenue Realty would love to help you find your dream home, whether the first time you purchase or rent, and the next time when you decide to sell and move to a bigger home or downsize to a smaller home.  We all know this is the biggest investment you make and we would love to support you along your journey.  We truly care, all of us at Park Avenue Realty know how stressful this time of your life becomes and will do all we can to help. We are knowledgeable from the years of experience and we will work very hard to make this transitiion as smooth as could be. 


Denise Burdick, Broker Owner